expertise2Our skill sets have been developed through a combination of formal engineering education, industry certified training and commercial experience.

This foundation is continually strengthened by research, which is required to deliver the latest technology-based solutions.

DAVD does this through regular interaction with product manufacturers and distributors, subscription to industry specific journals and publications, as well as attendance at many industry trade shows and product launches.

Our Technology solutions comprise multiple elements from the following areas of expertise:


Detailed cabling design to satisfy our Clients’ briefs, includes choosing the type, application, location, quantity, installation methods and required segregation from other services.

The outcome is to provide the correct signal information required for the designed application.

  • Copper & Fibre for Voice, Video and Data
  • Certified Cat 5e/6/6a/6a+ Infrastructure
  • Cable Patching Standards
  • Audio Visual, Security, MATV and CCTV Cabling
  • MATV & Pay TV (Foxtel) Cabling
  • NBN Estate Planning
  • Communications and Equipment Room Layouts
  • Data Centres


DAVD determines the true requirements of the working environment, based on our Clients’ needs plus the latest in collaboration and communication technology solutions. Because of this attention to detail, extraneous equipment is not ordered or installed. In turn, the cabling requirements are optimised, saving significant project cost.

  • Phone Systems (PBX) – Business and Resident / Guest
  • Dect & Wi-Fi Wireless Integrated Phone Handsets
  • Network Switching Equipment and Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Internet and Voice Carriage to Technology Solutions
  • Telstra, NBN, & 4G Carriage
  • Messaging Integration (Paging)
  • Voice and Video Conferencing
  • Asset and Personnel Tracking


Balance within our Audio Solutions is what DAVD strives for. Architectural aesthetics in relation to both speaker and microphone placement, natural acoustic limitations, volume and audio intelligibility requirements are all considered when designing a solution.

  • Paging and Public Address
  • Background Music
  • Acoustically “Modeled” Audio
  • Foreground and/or High SPL Audio
  • Live Entertainment Audio
  • Multizone Audio Distribution & Processing
  • Teleconferencing
  • Hearing Augmentation Systems
  • Lecture/Presentation Capture


Ensuring signal integrity between any source and any display is part of DAVD’s approach to Video Solutions. Equipment must be the right size, be in a coordinated location, and be fit for use with its surrounding environment.

  • Multi-screen Video Distribution
  • Video & Data Projection
  • Videoconferencing
  • Large Screen Display / Projection Systems
  • High Definition Video Distribution
  • Public Display Systems
  • Digital Signage and Electronic Menu Boards
  • Media Streaming and Outside Broadcast
  • Huddle Spaces


DAVD designs intelligent systems which operate with simplicity and reliability. This includes the ability to be highly resilient to accidental misuse due to the fact that there are potentially many personnel, sometimes untrained, operating the system.

Interface design requirements are highly specific to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

  • Commercial AV Solutions
  • Integration and Automation
  • Home Cinema Integration and Automation
  • Control System Software Architecture & Scoping
  • Integration of Multiple Systems to a Single Control Method
  • Turn Key Operating Solutions
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Interactive Technologies
  • AMX, Crestron & RTI Control and Switching Systems


In order for the transition from “developer to operator” of an international hotel to be a seamless operation the design and implementation of the IT, AV & Communications technology infrastructure must accurately reflect the needs and wants of the operator from a hotel management point of view. As the design consultant, DAVD is completely aware of, not only management and operational issues, but technology needs to enable incorporation of the appropriate systems infrastructure. This allows easy implementation of the latest “proven reliable” hardware and software systems provided by all parties involved, both now and into the future.

  • IT Systems Including all Networked Devices
  • Operating Software (PMS, POS, Accounting)
  • Operating Software (Payroll, Tour Desk, C&B, F&B)
  • PBX, Handsets, Intercom, Wireless and Paging
  • Digital Movies / Entertainment on Demand inc. Billing
  • Cabled In Room High Speed Internet Service inc. Billing
  • Wi-Fi Common Area and in Room Internet inc. Billing
  • Hotel Access Control – Room, Lift and/or BOH Security
  • In Room Safes
  • Hotel Energy Conservation Interfaces
  • Hospitality Integrated Televisions
  • In Room Sound / Entertainment Systems
  • Plus all other technologies in our other areas of expertise.


Choosing the correct cameras based on the environment in which they are required is just the start of our CCTV designs. We consider people flow, building access risk, Workplace Health and Safety, and duty of care insurance considerations.  The recording systems are considered based on our Clients’ needs, ranging from autonomous recording to a 24/7 supervised control room.

  • Fixed and Pan / Tilt / Zoom Camera System
  • Ethernet CCTV Solutions
  • Camera Footage Digital Recording & Archiving
  • Fibre Optic CCTV
  • Internet (Lan / Wan) CCTV Monitoring
  • Live Security Monitoring
  • POS / Digital CCTV Recording Integration


DAVD designs solutions for standard free to air channels, plus digital in house channels, for example, Foxtel, What’s On, Information, Camera and Radio.

Our design standard is that every channel and every display must have a perfect picture.

  • Free To Air Television Reception and Distribution
  • Master Antenna TV
  • Digital Movie / Entertainment on Demand Solutions
  • Digital Signage and/or In House TV Channels
  • Pay Television (Foxtel Cable and Satellite)
  • IPTV
  • Hospitality TVs with Clone Ability


DAVD’s design of Alarm and Access Control, allows people only where and when our Clients allow. Elements of this design process include contactless access points, monitoring of door security, integration to other management, reporting & control solutions.

  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Panic Alert Systems (Cabled and/or Wireless)
  • Control System Integration
  • Pedestrian and/or Vehicular Intercom
  • Pedestrian and/or Vehicular Proximity Access Control
  • Employee Tracking and/or Muster Solutions
  • Intelligent Access Door Control
  • Hotel Access Control – Room Security
  • Lift Access Control


Interfacing control solutions with power and lighting is essential. DAVD collaborates with Building Services Engineers to ensure that this happens, along with ensuring a highly effective energy management plan is in place for standby mode equipment.

  • Architectural Lighting Control System Integration
  • 240V Load Control System Integration
    (Curtains, Blinds, Water Features etc.)
  • Production, Effects and Themed Environment Lighting
  • UPS Solutions


DAVD has developed expertise in Hospitality Technology through years of experience. This knowledge is skillfully customised to suit the Aged Care Industry.

Designing reliable and easily maintained technology systems in Aged Care is DAVD’s proudest achievement. Our goal is to integrate complex designs while creating a simple and seamless operational interface for both Staff and Residents.

  • Nurse Call Systems including Reporting and Messaging
  • Staff Duress Systems
  • Dementia Resident Mobility and Safety Tracking Systems
  • Wondering Resident Prevention Systems
  • Resident Location Tracking Systems
  • Asset Location Tracking Systems
  • Patient / Resident Entertainment Systems
  • Plus all other technologies in our other areas of expertise.