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The team at DAVD have a common passion for Technology. We are proudly surrounded by experts in our field, and continually share and pool knowledge to deliver the optimum result.

We have a resourcing approach to only have a single member of DAVD as the contact per project, with additional resources allocated in the background. This is not only for performing the design stages but also through the supervision stages until project completion.

David Shaw – Director (Aged Care Technology Specialist)

davidshawDavid Shaw has always been passionately involved with Technology Systems.

At age 9, he was responsible for the school AV system, and during high school, had the volunteer role of “ICT Administrator” (before the term was even used).

This interest evolved through tertiary studies in both Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering with additional study in cross faculty subjects including Project Management, Adult Training, and Communications. This resulted with a personal recommendation from the engineering faculty’s Head of School.

After graduation, he was employed in challenging, Medical, Military, Audio Visual, Communications and Hospitality Technology Engineering roles. He was responsible for the management of solution delivery teams, being a combination of infrastructure installers, technicians, commissioning engineers and automation programmers.

Founding DAVD Consulting Engineers in 2000, to address the need for specialist Design Consultants who identify with their Clients’ vision, while simultaneously becoming the conduit to the ultra-technical Contractor.

With experience, he discovered that his passion was in providing the attention-to-detail solutions needed for highly integrated and coordinated designs. This was most valued where he was part of the team where both the Developer & Operator were the same Client. This was most compatible in the Aged Care and Assisted Living industry, and over the past 10 years is where his energy is focused.

In this independent role, David has the freedom to be product agnostic. He is fortunate to be in the perfect position from which to choose the most up to date “proven technologies” and connectivity combinations to provide an optimum solution for every Client.

His understanding of the contracting industry means that his released documentation imparts his Clients’ requirements precisely, so contractors make a fair profit on their submission, with no need to exaggerate their offerings to factor risk of misinterpretation of the Consultant brief. Through this planning, many of his projects result in being completed variation free.


Formal Education / Academic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering – QUT.
  • Certificate IV in Business Management.
  • Certificate IV Cat 2. in Workplace Training & Assessment.
  • Queensland Registered Practicing Engineer – RPEQ. (6995)
    • Electrical & Sub Specialty – Information, Telecommunications & Electronics
  • Queensland Security Consultant. (RPEQ 6995)
  • Victorian Building Authority Practicing Engineer – VBA. (EE44666)
  • Victorian Endorsed Practicing Engineer – (PE0000958)
  • Victorian Security Adviser Registration. – D.Shaw. (914-102-30S)
  • Victorian Security Adviser Business Registration – DAVD. (968-975-90S)
  • New South Wales Security Consulting Licence – D.Shaw. (226904)
  • New South Wales Master Security Licence – DAVD. (104783)
  • South Australian Security Agent Licence – D.Shaw. (ISL 295483)


Industry Approved Training Courses:

  • Network Engineering – D-link.
  • Data and Fiber Cabling Systems – Clipsal Australia.
  • Digital Media – Crestron (DMC-D).
  • Digital Television Systems – Matchmaster Comms.
  • Automation Systems – AMX Control Systems.
  • Advanced Sound Design – Bose Corp.
  • Advanced Sound Processing – Peavey Acoustics.
  • Video Systems – Extron.
  • Advanced Security & Access Control Design – GE.
  • Audio Conferencing – Clearone Systems.

David Marshall – Senior Consultant (International Hotel Specialist)


David Marshall has been involved in Audio Visual & Hospitality Communications Engineering for his entire working career. He has operated and directed large contracting based companies, and is responsible for mentoring and training many of today’s leading AV personnel.

David’s passion is the International Hotel Sector, where he uses his natural ability to blend the overlap between Developer and the Property Operator to deliver a seamless project. His specialised skills formulate solutions from Client concepts, then to budget sign off, generation of detailed tender documentation, and finally hands on management of the solutions execution.



Formal Education / Academic Qualifications:

  • Telecom Australia – Elect.Tech./Comms. Tech. Off. Grade2.
  • Department of Education – Certificate in Micro Processors.
  • Cert. in Digital Electronics Applications – QIT.
  • Audio Visual Applications – QIT.
  • Optic Fibre Transmission – QIT.
  • Satellite Technologies – QIT.

Industry Approved Training Courses:

  • Audio Theory – JBL.
  • Audio Design Applications – Bose Corp.
  • Professional Products Design – Bose Corp.
  • Advanced Sound Design – Bose Corp.
  • Sound Reinforcement Technologies – Yamaha.
  • Sound System Eng. – SAMS Training Centre.
  • Professional Products Design – Sony Australia.
  • Professional Products Design – Panasonic
  • CCTV & Microwave Tech. – Panasonic.
  • CCTV Apps & Design 1 – LRC Training Centre.
  • CCTV Apps & Design 2 (Adv.) – LRC Training.
  • Digital Television Systems – Matchmaster.
  • Antenna Installations – Hills Australia.
  • Digital Television Systems – Matchmaster.
  • MATV & CATV Networks – Hills Australia.


Troy Russell –  Senior Consultant (Audio Visual Specialist)

troy11Troy Russell developed his engineering skills initially as an Army apprentice electronics technician. He then completed tertiary studies in electronics engineering. His career path obtained experience in audio visual, communications, and security design solutions. This was performed in rolls including being an audio visual technician, project manager and design engineer.

With his knowledge base, Troy is well suited to deliver solutions for his clients that exceed their requirements whilst maintaining budget sensibility.


Formal Education / Academic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor in Electronics (Hons) – Griffith.
  • Telecommunications System Engineering.
  • Advanced Certificate in Electronics.

Industry Approved Training Courses:

  • Advanced Sound Design – Bose.
  • Dynalite Advanced Programming Certificate.
  • Crestron Programming Essentials.
  • Advanced Programming – RTI.
  • SCADA System – Honeywell.
  • Cipher Equipment – Aust Army.
  • Satellite Communications – Aust Army.
  • Cisco Router Configuration – Aust Army.