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Cinema BigThere are standards for Aged & Dementia Care wings in a Facility. DAVD works from within an ethos that considers these Facilities are many People’s home. Technology is used to improve residents’ way of life while complying with these standards.

Consideration includes:

– Communal Audio Visual needs for socialisation with Hearing Augmentation solutions so televisions are not left on blaring.

– Nurse call systems which discretely alert Nursing Staff on their phones, rather than beeping on Hospital Annunciators down each hallway through all hours of the day and night.

– Staff security with duress buttons incorporated into their single piece of technology in the rare case they are required.

– Dementia wing Resident profiling technologies which cater for the varying levels of independence, with light queuing and night light technologies.



Completed Projects:

  • ABRI Home for the Aged
  • Allity Aged Care – Technology Branding
  • Allity Aged Care – Avonlea (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Bayside (NSW)
  • Allity Aged Care – Beechwood (NSW)
  • Allity Aged Care – Calare (NSW)
  • Allity Aged Care – Camberwell Green (NSW)
  • Allity Aged Care – Camp Hill (Qld)
  • Allity Aged Care – Carinya (SA)
  • Allity Aged Care – Coastal Waters (NSW)
  • Allity Aged Care – Claremont Terrace (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Gosling Creek (NSW)
  • Allity Aged Care – Greenview (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Glendale (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Greenwood (NSW)
  • Allity Aged Care – Highwood Court (NSW)
  • Allity Aged Care – Keperra Sanctuary (Qld)
  • Allity Aged Care – Lexington Gardens (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Lillydale (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Little Para (SA)
  • Allity Aged Care – Montclaire (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Pemulwuy (NSW)
  • Allity Aged Care – Princeton View (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Riddell Gardens (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Somerton (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Tannoch Brae (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Trevi Court (Vic)
  • Allity Aged Care – Villa Serena (Qld)
  • Allity Aged Care – Walkerville (Vic)
  • BallyCara – Technology Branding
  • BallyCara – Community Centre (Qld)
  • BallyCara – Hibernian RAC (Qld)
  • BallyCara Sunnyside RAC (Qld)
  • BallyCara – Wellness Centre (Qld)
  • St Vincent’s Care – Bronte (NSW)
  • St Vincent’s Care – Maroochydore (Qld)
  • St Vincent’s Care – Werribee (Vic)
  • TriCare – Technology Branding (Qld)



“DAVD’s passion, diligence, knowledge and experience meant they were able to not only provide guidance to us as the Client but also collaborate effectively with the principal contractor and subcontractors. Their customer service was outstanding and their commitment to achieving the best total solution pivotal to the success of our technology strategy.”

“DAVD has been a critical contributor to our overall technology branding. Coming from a hospitality background, they balance our Care Standards and work methods with technologies that enhance our staff efficiency and job satisfaction. This, in turn, leads to a higher level of care for our Residents.”

“DAVD’s knowledge and experience designing and integrating complex aged care systems is second to none. DAVD’s collaborative approach with technology subcontractors and their ability to relate to project stakeholders from inception through handover has been an important factor in the successful completion of our projects.”

Michael Hoffman

Facilities Manager


Martin Elliot

Project Director


Nathan Atkinson

Senior Design Manager