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The Independent Retirement Living / Aged Care sector has been DAVD’s primary focus for over a decade. As established consultants in the International Hotel Hospitality field, DAVD was approached to transfer these skills into this similarly Guest-focused industry.

The solutions in many ways are similar, due to a focus on systems integration. The resulting outcomes of reliable technologies, provide a high level of service to the Resident / Guest while all also optimising both staff efficiency and work satisfaction.

We saw little difference between a traveller in a Hotel requesting fresh towels, and a Resident in an Aged Care Home needing assistance to their lounge chair. Each involves a service request, a team member, metrics on Staff performance, Client care and satisfaction.

DAVD is the operational technology consultant, so we work with your Architect, for example, to optimise Staff shift flow, Staff work areas and common recreation areas. As Aged Care facilities are typically developed by the Owner / Operator, by incorporating the planning stage with DAVD, the project will result in a solution which meets the exacting requirement of the facility, and the overall Brand.

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