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About Us

Our Director

David Shaw

David Shaw designs complex technology (ICT) systems that are reliable, efficient, and easy to use. His interest developed organically through tertiary studies in electrical & computer systems engineering, plus post-graduate education in project management, user experience/interface (UX/UI) design, and adult workplace training.

Early in his career, David enjoyed the challenging positions to design solutions for the medical, defence, audio visual, telecommunications, and hospitality technology industries. He managed technology teams, including technicians, commissioning engineers, and automation programmers, to implement his designs.


It became time for David to launch DAVD Consulting Engineers (est. 2000), focusing on the demand for specialised design consultants with the expertise to convey their Client’s ICT vision to technology Contractors.

David discovered that he provided the most value when the Developer & Operator were the same entity, providing the attention-to-detail solutions required for highly integrated, life-cycle-focused, coordinated designs as the stakeholders were interested in the construction process and its impact on operations.


David is free to remain product agnostic in this independent position, therefore he can select the most up-to-date proven technologies & connectivity combinations to offer each Client the best possible solution.

His comprehension of the project development process ensures that the finalised documentation accurately communicates his Clients’ vision, allowing Contractors to submit competitive tenders without accounting for misinterpretation or exclusions from the Consultant’s brief.

David Shaw

Qualifications & Licences:

Bachelor of Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering – QUT.

Certificate IV in Business Management.

Certificate IV Cat 2. in Workplace Training & Assessment.

Queensland Registered Practicing Engineer – RPEQ. (6995)

(Electrical & Information, Telecommunications & Electronics)

Queensland Security Consultant. (RPEQ 6995)

Victorian Building Authority Practicing Engineer – VBA. (EE44666)

Victorian Endorsed Practicing Engineer – (PE0000958)

Victorian Security Adviser Registration. – D.Shaw. (914-102-30S)

Victorian Security Adviser Business Registration – DAVD. (968-975-90S)

New South Wales Security Consulting Licence – D.Shaw. (226904)

New South Wales Master Security Licence – DAVD. (104783)

South Australian Security Agent Licence – D. Shaw (By Mutual Recognition)

About DAVD

Who We Are

DAVD Consulting Engineers (est. 2000) is an independent technology (ICT) consulting firm specialising in design solutions for the aged care & retirement living, corporate, education, and hospitality industries.

We developed skill sets through a combination of formal engineering education, industry-certified professional development, and significant commercial experience. Also holding enterprise security credentials for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.
We are Brisbane based, and regularly travel to service entire chains.

DAVD (diː-eɪ-viː-diː)

We are an “Intricacy of Engineers” with a passion for proven Technology, and its ability to advance the people who embrace it.

Our Deliverables

What We Provide

We provide consultancy services by documenting customised ICT solutions that reflect both the project & brand’s needs.
We develop our design requirements by collaborating with the ICT & AV Managers, Operations Teams and Head Office Project Directors.

We then deliver our expertise as the “Operational Technology Consultant”.  We collaborate with the team being a combination of the Project Manager, Architect, Builder, Interiors Architect, and Electrical Services Consultants, plus preferred / incumbent Suppliers and Contractors.  The result is a fit-for-purpose technology choice, seamlessly integrated into its environment.

We differ from many as we encourage that we remain part of the team until after project completion and handover, providing a technical buffer between our Client and the Contractors. This results in a seamless flow from Client Vision – Design – Engineering – Tender – Construction – Commissioning – Staff Training to overseeing the Staff interaction with the technologies. Being hands-on, we commonly leave the building among the last project team members.

This approach results in considerable time and costs savings, as the Operations teams are not burdened with briefing Contractors on how the system will function after it is installed.

We are proud to share that our designs have received much praise for having, on most occasions, negligible or even nil variations to contract due to this up-front design diligence.
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